Gerald Ford Marries Elizabeth Bloomer Warren

On October 15, 1948, at Grace Episcopal Church in Grand Rapids, Ford married Elizabeth Bloomer Warren, a department store fashion consultant.

Warren had been a John Robert Powers fashion model and a dancer in the auxiliary troupe of the Martha Graham Dance Company. She had previously been married to and divorced from William G. Warren.
At the time of his engagement, Ford was campaigning for what would be his first of thirteen terms as a member of the United States House of Representatives. The wedding was delayed until shortly before the elections because, as The New York Times reported in a 1974 profile of Betty Ford, "Jerry was running for Congress and wasn't sure how voters might feel about his marrying a divorced ex-dancer."

The Fords had four children:
Michael Gerald, born in 1950
John Gardner, known as Jack, born in 1952
Steven Meigs, born in 1956
Susan Elizabeth, born in 1957

October 15, 1948
Ford and Betty Bloomer Warren wed at Grace Episcopal Church in Grand Rapids. Marrying in the middle of his congressional campaign, the couple honeymoon briefly in Ann Arbor, attend the University of Michigan-Northwestern football game, and then drive to Owosso, Michigan to attend a rally for Republican Presidential candidate Thomas Dewey.

Betty began divorce proceedings and was granted the divorce on September 22, 1947. About this time, friends persuaded Betty to meet a young veteran and former flyer, Gerald Rudolph Ford. She reluctantly agreed and found that time flew in his company. They fell in love and he proposed in February 1948.

Second Husband: Gerald Rudolph Ford (1913 -2006 )

Second Marriage: The wedding was planned for the fall of 1948. Gerald was running for U.S. Congress and wanted the wedding to take place after the primary, but before the November 2nd general election. It took place at the Grace Episcopal Church in Grand Rapids.

Date of Second Marriage: October 15, 1948

Age at Second Marriage: 30 years, 190 days

Personality: Outgoing, bubbly and cheerful, Betty Ford was a natural politician’s wife. She was an asset to her husband’s career but, from the start, she made it clear that she had opinions of her own. She enjoyed people, parties and music. Betty had a love of the arts that was equal to that of Jacqueline Kennedy. As the wife of the rising politician from Michigan, Betty had the opportunity to become acquainted with influential people in the political world. She got to know Bess Truman and later attended the inauguration of John F. Kennedy.

After the war he resumed his law practice and, in 1948, married Elizabeth Bloomer Warren, who was known to all as "Betty." In the same year he entered politics as a Republican member of the House of Representatives. He won reelection every year until he resigned in 1973 to replace Spiro Agnew as Vice President. Gerald Ford was a moderate, conservative, hardworking and loyal Republican.