Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) Announces Capture of "Flying Disc"

When the first reports of a crashed alien craft reached the general public, many felt that the long awaited proof of extraterrestrial intelligence had come.

The news spread world wide when the Air Force announced that they had a flying saucer in their possession. But hopes were soon dashed, as a second news flash proclaimed that it was nothing more than a weather balloon. The general public felt differently then-they believed anything they were told by officials of our government. This innocent obedience would not work a second time.

It all started on June 25th, 1947 when a pilot named Kenneth Arnold reported seeing several objects while flying near Mt Rainier, Washington. His descriptions of the objects that flew like "geese" and moving "like a saucer would if you skipped it across the water" became the term "Flying Saucers", and thus the age of the UFO was born.

Many newspapers in the country picked up the story from the wire services, and the publicity gave birth to a rash of Sightings that kept the papers and the public fascinated throughout that summer... and indeed, to this day. One of those Sightings happened on a ranch outside Corona, New Mexico.