Japanese Invaders are Rebuffed from West Hunan by Chinese Guerilla Forces

Japanese forces took over the outskirts of Hunan with little resistance.

However they didn't realize that the Chinese forces were well prepared for the Japanese assault. The mountainous terrain was ideal for ambushes and mortar bombardment on approaching Japanese forces in the lower grounds. The Chinese also have air superiority in this battle. After some defeats Japan decided to retreat. However Chinese forces gave chase and inflicted heavy casualty on the Japanese. The local Chinese guerilla forces then attacked the Japanese positions. Japan ended up losing a large amount of territory that they once hold on to.

West Hunan, a topographically perilous area, proved to be the final frontal line of defense of the Nationalist troops, and Zhijiang Airport there is where the Triumphal Arch was built to commemorate the unconditional surrender of the Japanese fascist army. As all those historic events show, Hunan has always been a strongpoint in terms of geopolitics and military strategy.