Battle of Arnhem, Day 7

Spindler was ordered to switch his attacks further south and try to force the British away from the river, thus isolating the British from any hope of reinforcement and allowing them to be destroyed.

Despite their best efforts they were unsuccessful, but the constant artillery and assaults continued to wear the British defences down further.

A break in the weather allowed the RAF to finally fly combat missions against the German forces surrounding Urquharts men. Hawker Typhoons and P 47 Thunderbolts strafed German positions throughout the day and occasionally diced with the Luftwaffe over the battlefield. The RAF attempted their final resupply flight from the UK on the Saturday afternoon, but lost eight planes for little gain to the Airborne troops. Some small resupply efforts would be made from Allied airfields in Europe over the next two days but to little effect.

South of the river the Poles prepared for another crossing. That night they awaited the arrival of assault boats from XXX Corps, but these did not arrive until after midnight and many were without oars. The crossings started at 3am, with fire support from the 43rd Wessex Division. Through the remaining hours of darkness only 153 men were able to cross - less than a quarter of the hoped for reinforcement.

In the event, this latter Polish crossing was cancelled because so few boats could be found, and so priority was given to the Westerbouwing crossing. The 4th Dorsets, although now equipped with proper, motorised craft, experienced the same difficulties and delays that the Poles had suffered on the previous evening. Their "A" and "B" Companies made their way over without too much enemy interference, but this soon increased to such a degree that all further crossings were called off.