Canadian Forces Initiate Operation Wellhit to Capture the Port of Boulogne

Operation Wellhit was the World War II operation by the 3rd Canadian Division (Canadian 1st Army) to take the fortified port of Boulogne in northern France.

At first, the 9th Canadian Infantry Brigade had hoped to take Boulogne as part of its advance up the coast. The defences, however, brought them to a halt five miles from the city.

Although the city's defences were incomplete, those that did exist were sufficiently formidable to justify massive bombardments before and during the assault and extensive use of specialised armour from the 79th Armoured Division. Despite the lower than expected level of material damage by the bombardments, the high degree of coordination between artillery, air force, armour and infantry greatly aided the success of the operation. The operation took from 17 to 22 September, 1944.

Armoured Division, including the now ubiquitous Canadian Kangaroos, and the artillery of two divisions (their own and the 51 Bomber Command. But the air questions were adjusted by a conference with air, commanders at Versailles on 15 September, and by the 17th all ws ready. That morning the men of the 3rd Canadian Division's 8th and 9th Brigades--veterans now, with the D Day landings and the Caen and Falaise battles to look back upon--advanced against the enemy's works.