What Happened on Sep 17 1944

  • Battle of Angaur

    The Battle of Angaur was a battle of the Pacific campaign in World War II, fought on the island of Angaur in the Palau Islands from 17 September... Read more

  • Battle of Arnhem, Day 1

    The first lift was preceded by intense bombing and strafing raids made by the British 2nd Tactical Air Force and the American 8th and 9th Air... Read more

  • Canadian Forces Initiate Operation Wellhit to Capture the Port of Boulogne

    Operation Wellhit was the World War II operation by the 3rd Canadian Division (Canadian 1st Army) to take the fortified port of Boulogne in... Read more

  • Tallinn Offensive

    The Tallinn Offensive (Russian: Таллинская наступательная операция) was the Soviet strategic offensive operation corresponding to the German... Read more