Canadian Forces Retake Dieppe Unopposed in Operation Fusilade

The World War II Operation Fusilade, was the planned set piece assault on the French port of Dieppe, by the 2nd Canadian Infantry Division.

In the event, the German occupiers, not having received orders to hold the town, had evacuated shortly before and the operation was largely cancelled. Canadian forces entered the town unopposed on September 1, 1944, to a warm welcome from the French inhabitants.

The planned bombing of the town was hastily cancelled.

Some days later, there was a memorial ceremony at the nearby Canadian military cemetery to honour the fallen of the 1942 Dieppe Raid.

The Canadians returned to Dieppe in September 1944 as liberators. Montgomery had assigned the capture of Dieppe to the Second Canadian Infantry Division in his Directive of August 20 when it was assumed that the Germans woull defend the port. Operation "Fusilade," which included a preliminary attack by Bomber Command, was timed for September 1st.