Operation Atlantic

Operation Atlantic was a Canadian offensive during the Battle of Normandy; launched in conjunction with Operation Goodwood, from July 18–20, 1944.

Although initially successful, with gains made on the flanks of the Orne River near Saint-André-sur-Orne, an attack by the 4th & 6th Canadian Infantry Brigades against strongly defended positions on Verrières Ridge resulted in heavy casualties and limited strategic gain.

After Operation Goodwood, the Second Canadian Division had been given the task of taking Verriers and Bourguebus Ridge. The task was necessary as the 250-foot slope dominated the fields South of Caen, hiding tanks and guns that blasted the advancing Allied Armour. It was a vital obstacle on the way south to Falaise, alone Route National 158. On July 20, Brig. H.A. Young's 6th Brigade with the Essex Scottish added, moved south to the Orne riven for the assault on Verriers. By then, the man of the 7th Armoured had already tried and attack, failed and withdrew beyond the highway. They and two squadrons of Sherbrooke Fusiliers would back up the assault with artillery. For whatever reason, the infantry was to proceed forward alone.