Operation Jupiter (1944)

Operation Jupiter was an attack launched by the British Second Army's VIII Corps on 10 July.

The objective of the attack was to capture the villages of Baron-sur-Odon, Fontaine-Étoupefour, Chateau de Fontaine and recapture Hill 112. Following the capture of these objectives the Corps would then capture Éterville and the village of Maltot and the ground up to the River Orne. Tanks from the 4th Armoured Brigade, supported by infantry, would then advance through the captured ground and secure several further villages to the west of the River Orne.

It was hoped that all objectives could be captured by 0900 hours on the first day following which, elements of the 4th Armoured Brigade, could start their attacks. The operation was initially very successful however heavy fighting for Hill 112 went on all day and the village of Maltot changed hands several times.

As a preliminary to a British attempt to seize a crossing of the River Orne south of Caen. The 9th Royal Tank Regiment were tasked to support an attack by the British 130th Infantry Brigade, to capture the Chateau de Fontaine and the village of Etterville. Elements of the 10th SS Panzer Division stood in their way.