Hitler Delivers Address at Platterhof

This is an important speech, perhaps the most meaningful of Adolf Hitler's entire political career.

He not only recapped his entire life's work in a relatively honest way, but he did so in a private setting, clear of the public eye. In this speech Hitler offered a somewhat disjointed recollection of all that was most important to him by 1944. He omitted a great deal, which is as important as the topics he chose to discuss that 26th day of May. He failed to discuss German territorial claims unlike before. He also failed to discuss Slavic inferiority. Instead, he chose to talk deeply and thoroughly on the topics of race, folk, nation, German history, and the future National Socialist military and educational systems. Hitler admitted that the German people were multiracial, and that this had made them a strong people. Further, for the first time we witness Hitler admitting that not only were Jews biologically superior to Nordics, but that Bolshevism had a superior educational system to his own. He asserted that the U.S.S.R. had done what he ought to have done: He wanted to establish an educational system based on the Soviet model. He wanted to see young Germans molded within a straight and narrow set of government-defined parameters: for such a system, he thought, would result in a folk that was impenetrable, indestructible--like that of the Soviet Union. He indirectly confessed to Soviet superiority over the Nazi system. Indeed, you will be fascinated and stunned by what Hitler said in this most incredible speech, translated into English for the very first time.