Battle of Central Henan

The Battle of Central Henan, was the first offensive in the Japanese Operation Ichi-Go during the Second Sino-Japanese War.

In the Battle of Central Henan, 390,000 Chinese soldiers, led by General Tang Enbo (汤恩伯), were deployed to defend the strategic position of Luoyang. The the 12th Army spearheaded by the 3rd Tank Division of the IJA crossed the Yellow River around Zhengzhou in late April and defeated Chinese forces near Xuchang, then swung around clockwise and besieged Luoyang. Luoyang was defended by three Chinese divisions. The 3rd Tank Division began to attack Luoyang on May 13 and took it on May 25.

The initial phase of Ichigo saw the Japanese 12th Corps troops moving south from Kaifeng and the 11th Corps northward from Hankou of Wuhan. After several engagements near Xuchang, Luoyang was attacked on 13 May. The three divisions defending Luoyang under the command of Tang Enbo was defeated on 25 May. All of Henan Province was taken by the end of the month.