Second Day of the 'Four Days of Naples'

On September 28, going to increase over time the number of citizens who joined Napolitain the first fighters, the fighting intensified, in the district Materdei a German patrol, rifugiatasi in one calendar year, was surrounded and kept under siege for hours, until the arrival of reinforcements at the end Napoletani three lost their lives. A Porta Capuana a group of forty men settled, with rifles and machine guns, in a sort of post block, killing 6 enemy soldiers and capturing four others, while fighting was started in other parts of the city as Male Angioino, the vast and Monteoliveto. The Germans procedettero other raids, this time to the Vomero, many prisoners crowded inside the stadium series, which unleashed the reaction of the people of Stimulus gave the assault to the sports field, resulting, after having faced an initial reaction army, the liberation of prisoners, the next day.

The Eighth Army had been making quick progress from the 'toe' in the face of German delaying actions. It united its front with the Fifth Army on 16 September, and captured the airfields near Foggia, on the east coast, on 27 September. These would give the Allied air forces the ability to strike new targets in France, Germany and the Balkans. The Fifth Army captured Naples on 1 October (the first major European city to be liberated during WW II), and reached the line of the Volturno River on October 6th. This provided a natural barrier, securing Naples, the Campainian Plain and the vital airfields on it from counterattack. Meanwhile the British Eighth Army had advanced to a line from Larino to Campobasso. The whole of southern Italy was now in Allied hands, and the drive northward could begin.