Hopeh Incident

Masujiro Kiru was going through his father's photo album from the China Campaign just before WWII when he found a photograph of a flying object.

His father, now deceased, had bought the picture from a Tientsien street photographer, apparently right after it was taken.

There seems to be some confusion over this photo. One site states it was taken in the city of Tienjin, China in 1911 by a Japanese journalist. Source. Another site says it was taken in Tiensten, Hopeh Province, China in 1942 . Source. I recently received this information from Alain Stauffer, Geneva : Chinese ufologist Shi Bo: "La Chine et les extraterrestres" (in French, since Shi Bo lives in Paris). He states in his book (my translation): "In 1942, an American man on duty was walking in the street of a town [not specified] in the north of China. He suddenly saw a black hat silently flying above the street. He immediately grabed his camera and took this first picture of a UFO in China. This American citizen wished to visit China very soon in order to trace the witnesses of this event."