Ford 2GA is First Produced

The Ford 2GA was a car produced by the Ford Motor Company in 1942.

This car appears to have been produced only in 1942, coming stock with a 90 hp, 6 cylinder engine. It was a two door passenger car that worked quite well. The production total came out to 160,211.


Technical/mechanical specifications:
Model: Ford 2GA Special
6 Cylinder Inline engine
Wheelbase: 114"
Max Weight: 3093 lb
Valves: Under Header
Bore+Stroke: 3.3 x 4.4
Piston Disp.: 226 Cubic Inches
Max Brake HP @ RPM's: 90 @ 3300 rpm's
Spark Plug Type: h-10
Spark Plug Gap: .30
Pnt. Gap: .15
Fire Order: 153624
Electrical: +/- 6 Volts