John Edward "Jack" Reagan dies

John Edward "Jack" Reagan (1883–1941) was the father of United States President Ronald Reagan (1911–2004) and his older brother Neil "Moon" Reagan (1908–1996).

Early life

Jack was of Irish ancestry, the youngest of four children born to Jennie (née Cusick) and John Michael Reagan. he met Nelle Wilson in a farm town along the Illinois prairie. The two were married in Fulton, Illinois in November 1904. They had two children: Neil "Moon" John Reagan and Ronald Wilson Reagan. After the birth of their second son, Reagan's wife Nelle was told not to have any more children.[4] The Reagan family moved from Tampico to many small Illinois towns, and Chicago, depending on Reagan's employment.

My dad - his name was John Edward Reagan but everyone called him Jack - was destined by God, I think, to be a salesman. His forebears had come to America from County Tipperary by way of England during Ireland's potato famine and he was endowed with the gift of blarney and the charm of a leprechaun. No one I ever met could tell a story better than he could.