Second Battle of Changsha

In Sep 1941, more than 120,000 Japanese troops embarked on the second attempt to take the Chinese city of Changsha.

The first engagement took place in the mountains southeast of Yueyang when a small Chinese guerilla force ran into the Japanese 6th Division. The Japanese crossed the Sinchiang River on 17 Sep and the Milo River on 19 Sep. On 27 Sep, Japanese troops in plain clothes infiltrated the north gate of Changsha, but failed to complete their sabotage mission. The assault on the city began on 28 Sep, which quickly turned into brutal street fighting. The Chinese defenses under the command of Xue Yue pushed the Japanese back to the Yueyang region by 30 Sep after inflicting 10,000 deaths on the Japanese attackers.

The Battle of Changsha (September 6 – October 8, 1941) was Japan's second attempt in taking the city of Changsha, China, the capital of Hunan Province as part of the second Sino-Japanese War.