Ronald Reagan Appears as Jimmy Grant in "International Squadron"

American flying ace Jimmy Grant is a daredevil when it comes to flying airplanes, but when his friend, Royal Air Force Squadron Leader Charles Wyatt, encourages him to join the International Squadron of the RAF, Jimmy turns him down flat, saying that he intends to stay safe at home. Faced with a breach-of-promise suit, however, Jimmy agrees to deliver a new American-designed airplane to the RAF and leaves for Europe with his mechanic, "Omaha" McGrath.

For all its flaming crashes and for all its shots of helpless planes spinning clumsily earthward, credit "International Squadron," now at the Strand, with a neat three-point landing at high speed. As another aerial and romantic dog-fight in the hurtling succession of epics about the Royal Air Force, it breezes along with dash and bravado and not too much self-importance.