Japanese Forces Retreat from Shanggao

On high at about 120 km southwest of Nanchang, the Jinjiang River north, briefly Hunan and Jiangxi Road (Nanchang to Changsha) hub of the east Poyang Plain, back nine and Luo Xiao Ling Shan mountains, both for the east of Nanchang, Changsha, also facilitate the west, is a strategic location, so The campaign called "Jin Jiang battle." 19th Army headquarters in China, which is based here, and thus become the main objective of the Japanese attack.

The Battle of Shanggao (simplified Chinese: 上高会战; traditional Chinese: 上高會戰; pinyin: Shànggāo Huìzhàn) was one of the 22 major engagements between the National Revolutionary Army and Imperial Japanese Army during the Second Sino-Japanese War. On the 14th of March 1941, the Japanese 11th army attacked the headquarters of the Chinese 19th army. Fierce fighting began and after taking heavy losses, the Japanese retreated. The battle allowed the Chinese to capture a large amount of military supplies and boost fighting morale in their war against Japanese aggression.