Ronald Reagan Appears as Gilbert "Gil" Jones in "The Bad Man"

The Bad Man is a 1941 Western film starring Wallace Beery, Lionel Barrymore, Laraine Day, and Ronald Reagan.

The movie was written by Wells Root from the Porter Emerson Browne play, and directed by Richard Thorpe. The film is a remake of 1930's The Bad Man, which stars Walter Huston in Wallace Beery's role of Pancho Lopez.

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* Wallace Beery as Pancho Lopez
* Lionel Barrymore as Uncle Henry Jones
* Laraine Day as Lucia Pell
* Ronald Reagan as Gil Jones
* Henry Travers as Jasper Hardy
* Chris-Pin Martin as Pedro
* Tom Conway as Morgan Pell
* Chill Wills as Red Giddings
* Nydia Westman as Angela Hardy


Tom Conway was the extremely similar-looking brother of George Sanders.

Lionel Barrymore inadvertently summed up this corner's reaction to "The Bad Man" by remarking, during one of the film's more violently talkative moments, "Hang me for a horse thief, if I've ever seen more doggone nonsense." You've seen "The Bad Man" before, at least twice under its rightful title and goodness knows how many times under an assortment of aliases. But it's a safe bet that you've never before "heard" the tale of the Mexican bandit, who rights a lot of wrongs for a pal who once saved his life, the way Metro is currently telling it at the Capitol. For this one is the most static and loquacious Western we've encountered in a long time.

The Bad Man (1941) was the third screen version of Porter Emerson Browne's 1920 play, following a 1923 silent version, and an early sound version in 1930 starring Walter Huston, hamming it up in the title role of Mexican bandit Pancho Lopez. In the 1941 version, it was Wallace Beery's turn to chew the scenery as the lovable bad guy who plays cupid (the film British title, in fact, was Two-Gun Cupid) for stalwart young rancher Gil Jones, played by Ronald Reagan.