What Happened in Feb 1941

  • The United Service Organization Is Chartered

    The United Service Organizations, popularly known as the USO, was chartered on February 4, 1941, in order to provide recreation for on-leave... Read more

  • Paul E. Tsongas Is Born

    Paul Efthemios Tsongas; February 14, 1941–January 18, 1997) was a United States Senator from Massachusetts and a one-time candidate for the... Read more

  • Swansea Blitz

    The Swansea Blitz was the heavy and sustained bombing of Swansea by the Luftwaffe of Nazi Germany on 19 February-21 February 1941. Swansea was... Read more

  • "The Lady Eve" Is Released

    The Lady Eve is a 1941 screwball comedy film about a mismatched couple who meet on a luxury liner, written by Preston Sturges based on a story by... Read more

  • Eastern Airlines Flight 31 Crashes, Killing 16

    Eastern Airlines Flight 21, night of February 26, 1941. Sometimes called the “Rickenbacker Crash” due to the presence of Eastern Airlines President... Read more

  • 13th Academy Awards

    The 1940 Academy Award Winners Picture: Rebecca Actor: James Stewart (The Philadelphia Story) Actress: Ginger Rogers (Kitty Foyle) Supporting... Read more