Banjo Eyes Opens

Banjo Eyes is a musical based on the play Three Men on a Horse by John Cecil Holm and George Abbott.

It has a book by Joseph Quinlan and Izzy Ellinson, music by Vernon Duke, and lyrics by John La Touche and Harold Adamson.

Produced by Albert Lewis and staged by Hassard Short, the Broadway production opened on December 25, 1941 at the Hollywood Theatre, where it ran for 126 performances. The cast included Eddie Cantor and Lionel Stander.

Act I

* Birthday Card
* Valentine’s Day Card
* Easter Greetings
* Merry Christmas
* Mother’s Day
* I’ll Take the City
* The Toast of the Boys at the Post (music and lyrics by George Sumner)
* I’ve Got to Hand It to You
* A Nickel to My Name
* Who Started the Rhumba?
* It Could Only Happen in the Movies

Act II

* Make with the Feet
* We’re Having a Baby
* Banjo Eyes
* The Yanks are on the March Again
* Not a Care in the World
* We Did It Before (And We Can Do It Again)