Synthetic Biotin Produced

Biotin is also available from supplements. The synthetic process developed by Leo Sternbach and Moses Wolf Goldberg in the 1940s uses fumaric acid as a starting material and is identical to the natural product.

A dietary supplement for certain patients with high blood levels of homocysteine. It may also be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor.

Vitamin B Complex/Vitamin C/Biotin/Minerals/Folic Acid is a vitamin, mineral, and folic acid combination. It works by providing vitamins, minerals, and folic acid to the body to help meet nutritional requirements.

Eczema and dermatitis may be aggravated by a biotin deficiency. People whose intestines have difficulty absorbing nutrients or who have kidney trouble may find these conditions aggravated by biotin deficiency.
Other signs include scaly, dry skin around the nose and mouth, patches of hair loss, poor appetite, fatigue and depression, and nausea.

Biotin is one of the eight vitamins in the Vitamin B complex. A somewhat recent addition to the realm of vitamins, after isolating the compound in 1936, it took about 40 years of research before scientists unanimously declared biotin to be a vitamin. Sometimes referred to as Vitamin H by the apes, biotin serves many functions in the mind and the body.