Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Founded

In 1940, Frank Lloyd Wright and his third wife, Olgivanna (December 27, 1898 - March 1, 1985), formed the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, which still exists.

Upon Wright's death in 1959, ownership of the Taliesin estate in Spring Green, as well as Taliesin West, passed into the hands of the foundation. The foundation also owns Frank Lloyd Wright's archives and runs a school, the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture.

The architectural restoration of the Taliesin estate in Wisconsin is under the supervision of another non-profit organization established in 1991, Taliesin Preservation, Inc. The entire Taliesin estate is a National Historic Landmark.
Some $5 million has been spent on the stabilization of Taliesin during the past two decades. Unfortunately, its preservation is "fraught with epic difficulties", because Wright never thought of it as a series of buildings with a long-term future. It was built by inexperienced students, and solid foundations for the buildings were not used. Its future is now in some doubt, and another major fund-raising project is about to begin.

It was submitted for UNESCO's World Heritage List along with the West site but was rejected.

In 2008, the U.S. National Park Service submitted the Taliesin estate along with nine other Frank Lloyd Wright properties to a tentative list for World Heritage Status. The 10 sites have been submitted as one, total, site. The January 22, 2008, press release from the National Park Service website announcing the nominations states, "The preparation of a Tentative List is a necessary first step in the process of nominating a site to the World Heritage List."

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation is a cultural and educational nonprofit institution established in 1940 by Frank Lloyd Wright. Today the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation owns, maintains, protects and operates:

‣Two National Historic Landmark properties, Taliesin (Wisconsin) and Taliesin West (Arizona) attracting over 150,000 visitors each year
‣The Frank Lloyd Wright Archives containing over 22,000 of Wright’s architectural drawings and over 300,000 documents, works of art, prototypes and other personal effects
‣The professionally accredited Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, founded in 1932, which offers both Bachelor’s (BAS) and Master’s (M.Arch) degrees in architecture
‣21 registered US and 11 international trademarks plus hundreds of design copyrights protecting the value and the historic significance of the works of Frank Lloyd Wright
‣A residential community of scholars and artists, including members of the original Taliesin Fellowship, founded by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1932.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation employs over 100 full time and part time staff who work at both campuses. The Foundation also operates a comprehensive Volunteer program in Arizona and Wisconsin.

Established in 1990 to manage historic preservation at the Wisconsin campus, the Foundation’s sister nonprofit company, Taliesin Preservation, Inc., with whom the Foundation shares a number of Trustees, works in close partnership with the Foundation on several key educational and facilities preservation initiatives.