German Forces Capture the Grebbeberg

The fall of the Grebbeberg was a huge blow to the Dutch.

Defeat at this location meant the collapse of the entire Grebbeline and forced the Dutch to a full retreat of six divisions to the East Front of the Waterline. This was quickly and successfully executed during the afternoon and late evening of 13 May and finalized in the morning of 14 May, the German forces being unaware the Dutch lines had been abandoned until that morning.

In the heart of the Dutch outer-defences - at the Grebbeline - the Germans were about to launch the final push against the last remaining defences at the Grebbeberg. Another division-strength attack was planned at the small city of Scherpenzeel. Dutch defeat at either these locations would mean the collapse of the entire Grebbeline and force the Dutch to retreat onto the eastern-front of the Waterline. Although a certain level of defence could still be maintained thereafter, the loss of both the south front Fortress Holland and the Grebbeline were each to itself a near fatal blow to the Dutch defence-system and strategy. At the end of the fourth day the country would be mortally wounded ...