The Christmas Blitz of Liverpool

The first major air raids began towards the end of 1940 against Liverpool and Wirral, with over 300 casualties sustained to air raids by the end of the year.

365 people were killed between 20 – 22 December often due to direct hits on air raid shelters; for example one shelter in Durning Road was destroyed with the loss of 166 lives and in the north of the city, 40 died when a bomb struck railway arches on Bentinck Street, where local people were sheltering.

The bombing decreased in severity after the New Year.

This is a story of the Christmas blitz on Wallasey, where I (Irene Perry)lived during the war.

Of the many volunteer duties I had during the war, one was Night Rest Centre.

Day staff always seemed plentiful but night duties were not relished. At first we used to open our particular church hall as assigned, but later the police would notify us if the hall in our area was needed. I was on duty mostly alone but had a conscientious objector to empty heavy bins and generally clear up.