Ronald Reagan Appears as Eddie Kent in "Tugboat Annie Sails Again"

Tugboat Annie Sails Again stars Marjorie Rambeau as the rambunctious female skipper created by Norman Reilly Raine.

In this one, Tugboat Annie is threatened with the loss of her job as cap'n of the tacky tugboat Narcissus, much to the delight of Bullwinkle (Alan Hale), skipper of the rival Salamander. In order to raise $25000 in a hurry, Annie agrees to tow a drydock to Alaska, but this plan is scuttled when another, sleeker tug lands the contract. Annie saves the day-and her job-when the other tug gets into trouble on the high seas.

Tugboat Annie Sails Again was a 1940 sequel to the classic 1933 film Tugboat Annie. Marjorie Rambeau takes over the late Marie Dressler's role, and the supporting cast includes Alan Hale, Jane Wyman, and Ronald Reagan. The movie was directed by Lewis Seiler. Another sequel appeared five years later called Captain Tugboat Annie with Jane Darwell taking over the title role.


* Marjorie Rambeau as Annie Brennan
* Alan Hale, Sr. as Horatio Bullwinkle
* Jane Wyman as Peggy Armstrong
* Ronald Reagan as Eddie Kent
* Chill Wills as Shiftless