Joseph Stalin Is Named Time Magazine's 'Person Of The Year'

Since J. Stalin became the supreme power in Russia, much of the Revolution's history has been rewritten to magnify his part in those stirring events.

Trotsky's part has been completely erased from Soviet textbooks. Meanwhile, Stalinists claim that their hero:

— Fought off the White Russian forces in Siberia.

— Defended Petrograd against White General Nikolai Yudenich in 1918.

— Saved the Donets coal-mining region from General Anton Denikin's forces.

— Was responsible for early Russian successes in the Polish War of 1920.

— Saved Tsaritsin (now called Stalingrad) from capture in 1918.

At Tsaritsin there began one of the bitterest political enmities of modern times—the Stalin-Trotsky feud. Trotsky claimed that Stalin, a political commissar at that time, was insubordinate. He demanded and got from Lenin an order recalling him. Thereafter, Comrade Stalin patiently and calculatingly nursed his grudge against Comrade Trotsky.