Battle of Mława Begins

The Battle of Mława, otherwise known as the Defence of the Mława position, took place to the north of the town of Mława in northern Poland between September 1 and September 3, 1939.

It was one of the opening battles of the Invasion of Poland and World War II in general. It was fought between the forces of the Polish Modlin Army under Gen. Krukowicz-Przedrzymirski and the German 3rd Army under Gen.Georg von Küchler.

The battle of Mława was the first one from many combats which occured on the Northern Mazowsze in 1939 (Polish territory around of Warsaw). The German Third Army commanded by General Kuchler fought against the Polish Army "Modlin". The Germans had tremendous predominance. In the main sector they had four infantry and one armored division while the Polish had only one division and two cavalry brigades, although there was one Infantry Division (8 ID) in reserve, but it was too far to intervene in the operation.