Ronald Reagan Appears as Ed 'Eddie' Clark in "Naughty But Nice"

One Warner Bros. career ended while another rose in Naughty But Nice (1939), a light-hearted musical that spelled the end of Dick Powell's contract as a boy crooner and the start of Ann Sheridan's rise to the top as the studio?s resident "Oomph" girl. And if the film reflected none of the melancholy of Powell's fall from grace but all of the energy of Sheridan's growing presence, credit Ray Enright, one of Warner's most dependable directors of the '30s.

It's Swing Music vs. the Classics in the easy-to-take Warners tunefest Naughty But Nice. Dick Powell dons the obligatory spectacles as a staid music professor Hardwick, who harbors a desire to become a songwriter. With the help of aspiring lyricist Linda McKay (Gale Page), Hardwick pens a little ditty that, through a fluke, becomes a smash hit. Not entirely prepared for show-business success, Hardwick falls into the clutches of predatory vocalist Zelda Manion (Ann Sheridan), leaving poor Linda in the lurch-at least until the last reel.