Ronald Reagan Appears as Lieutenant 'Brass' Bancroft in "Code of the Secret Service"

Ronald Reagan stars as Treasury Department agent Brass Bancroft in Code of the Secret Service (1939) – the second film in Warner Bros.'s Secret Service series.

The saga kicked off with Secret Service of the Air (1939), starring Reagan, Eddie Foy, Jr., and Rosella Towne. All three were back in action for the sequel and so were director Noel Smith and producer Bryan Foy (who was the brother of star Eddie Foy, Jr.). This time the story centered on some stolen U.S. Treasury engraving plates and a counterfeiting ring that Reagan and Foy trace to Mexico. Yet, despite the talented cast and momentum from a successful first outing, Code of the Secret Service failed to live up to the expectations set by Secret Service of the Air.

Code of the Secret Service was the second of Warner Bros. "Brass Bancroft" series, starring Ronald Reagan as troubleshooting federal operative Bancroft. This time, Brass and his wisecracking partner Gabby (Eddie Foy Jr., brother of producer Bryan Foy) take on a particularly vicious gang of counterfeiters.