Frank Sinatra first recording, Our Love with Frank Mane

On March 18, 1939, Sinatra made a demo recording of a song called "Our Love", with the Frank Mane band.

In June, Harry James hired Sinatra on a one year contract of $75 a week. It was with the James band that Sinatra released his first commercial record "From the Bottom of My Heart" in July, 1939 - US Brunswick #8443 and UK Columbia #DB2150.

Fewer than 8,000 copies of "From the Bottom of My Heart" (Brunswick #8443) were sold, making the record a very rare find that is sought after by both Sinatra and record collectors worldwide. Sinatra released ten commercial tracks with James through 1939, including "All or Nothing At All" which had weak sales on its initial release but then sold millions of copies when re-released by Columbia at the height of Sinatra's popularity a few years later.

This year marks the first recording for Frank Sinatra which was done in co-ordination with the Frank Mane band. The song was titled Our Love. He also secured a contract for one year.

Made his first recording with the Frank Mane band singing Our Love and signed a contract a contract for one year.