What Happened in Feb 1939

  • 'Finnegans Wake' Is Published

    Finnegans Wake, Joyce’s final work was created over a period of fifteen years with composition starting in 1923. It was finally completed in 1938.... Read more

  • Hainan Island Operation

    The Japanese Navy, after the capture of Canton the previous year, had maintained a formidable blockade all along the coast of south, central and... Read more

  • Pope Pius XI dies

    Pope Pius had been ailing for a while, when, on 25 November 1938, he suffered two heart attacks within several hours. He had serious breathing... Read more

  • Sidney Robertson Cowell Records Six Italian Folk Songs

    Italian-American Mario Olmeda shared his passion for traditional Italian singing with folk music collector Sidney Robertson Cowell on February 13,... Read more

  • "Gunga Din" Is Released

    Gunga Din is a 1939 RKO adventure film directed by George Stevens, (very) loosely based on the poem by Rudyard Kipling, combined with elements of... Read more

  • 11th Academy Awards

    The 11th Academy Awards were held on February 23, 1939 at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles, California. It was the first Academy Awards show... Read more