Soviet Union Forms Puppet Government Intended to Rule Finland

On 1 December, the Soviet Union formed a puppet government intended to rule Finland once the war was over.

Called the Finnish Democratic Republic, it was headed by O. W. Kuusinen. The government was also called "The Terijoki Government", named after the village of Terijoki, the first place captured by the advancing Soviet army. The puppet regime was unsuccessful and was quietly disbanded during the winter of 1940. From the very outset of the war, working-class Finns stood behind the legal government in Helsinki. Finnish national unity against the Soviet invasion was later called the spirit of the Winter War.

The Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the Government of Finnish Democratic Republic assured that now, when the heroic struggle of the Finnish people and efforts of the Red Army are liquidating the most dangerous war hearth, created near the borders of the Soviet Union by the former plutocratic Finnish government in order to please the imperialist powers and when the Finnish nation had created its Democratic Republic, fully based on the peoples support, there came the time to establish the lasting friendly relations between our countries and to ensure, by the joint efforts, the security and inviolability of our states;