Ronald Reagan Appears as Lieutenant 'Brass' Bancroft in "Smashing the Money Ring"

After appearing in a small role in Edmund Goulding’s Dark Victory, a big hit for Warner Brothers in 1939 and recipient of multiple Academy Award® nominations, jobbing actor Ronald Reagan was duly returned to the studio’s B-unit where he got his start, to be slotted into a number of low budget programmers. Wrapping two back-to-back productions with the problematic but popular Dead End Kids (the lack of affection during filming was mutual), Reagan made the second in a planned series of self-contained but serial-like adventure films about an aviator hero of the American Secret Service.

Ace Secret Service agent Lt. Brass Bancroft is on the case in this crime drama. This time he is assigned to break up a major counterfeiting ring. To do so, he poses as a convicted counterfeiter who goes to prison to sneak into the inner circle. Eventually he learns that the money is coming from the printing press in the prison. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide