First Asian Country Indonesia (Dutch East Indies) at the 1938 FIFA World Cup

Indonesia, under the name Dutch East Indies, was the first Asian team to participate in the World Cup when they qualified to the 1938 tournament.

A 6-0 first-round loss in Reims to eventual finalists Hungary remains the country's only appearance in World Cup.

Indonesian Players
Starter :
Tan Mo Heng (GK), Anwar Sutan, Tan Hong Djien, Frans Hu Kon, Frans Meeng, Tjaak Pattiwael, Jack Samuels, Suvarte Soedarmadji, Achmad Nawir, Henk Zomers, Hans Taihuttu

Subtitute :

J Harting (GK), Bing Mo Heng, G Van Den Burg, G Faulhaber, R Telwe, Tan Se Han, Dorst, Teilherber

FIFA World Cup in 1938, which took place in France, was also the national team of the Indonesia (Dutch East Indies)! It was coached by the heads coach Johannes Mastenbroek and made up of Dutch and Indonesian players: Sutan Anwar, Beuzekom L.N., Bing Mo Heng, Dorst, G.H.V.L. Faulhaber, J. Harting, Frans G. Hu Kon, J. Kolle, Frans Alfred Meeng, Achmad Nawir, Isaak "Tjaak" Pattiwael, Jack Sanniels, Suvarte Soedarmadji, M.J. Hans, Taihuttu, Tan Hong Djien, Tan "Bing" Mo Heng, Tan See Han, Teilherber, R. Telwe, G. Van Den Burgh, Hendrikus V. "Henk" Zomers).

Unfortunately both teams were eliminated in the first round. The Netherlands lost against Czechoslovakia in Le Havre with 3:0, while the Dutch East Indies was "sunk" by formidable Hungarian team in Reims in front of 9.000 people with the final result 6:0. Hungarians reached the finale in Paris, where they lost against Italy with 4:2.