10th Academy Awards

The 10th Academy Awards were held on March 10, 1938 at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles, California.

Originally scheduled to be held on March 3, 1938, the ceremony was postponed due to heavy flooding in Los Angeles. The host of the ceremony was Bob Burns.

This was the last year in which the categories of Best Dance Direction and Best Assistant Director were awarded, with the former providing the only nomination ever received by a Marx Brothers film (Dave Gould for the dance number "All God's Children Got Rhythm," in A Day at the Races).

The 1937 Academy Award Winners

Picture: The Life of Emile Zola
Actor: Spencer Tracy (Captains Courageous)
Actress: Luise Rainer (The Good Earth)
Supporting Actor: Joseph Schildkraut (The Life of Emile Zola)
Supporting Actress: Alice Brady (In Old Chicago)
Director: Leo McCarey (The Awful Truth)
Adapted Screenplay: Heinz Herald, Geza Herczeg, and Norman Reilly Raine (The Life of Emile Zola)
Original Story: William A. Wellman and Robert Carson (A Star Is Born)
Song: "Sweet Leilani" (Waikiki Wedding)
Score: 100 Men and a Girl
Cinematography: The Good Earth
Interior Decoration: Lost Horizon
Film Editing: Lost Horizon
Sound: The Hurricane
Short Films: The Old Mill (Cartoons) / Private Life of the Gannetts (One-Reel) / Torture Money (Two-Reel) / Penny Wisdom (Color)

The tenth Academy Awards was postponed for a week because torrential rains in Los Angeles caused major flooding. The Awards were held on Thursday, March 10, 1938 at the Biltmore Bowl of the Biltmore Hotel. Luise Rainer, who had won the previous year for best actress, became the first person to win a second Academy Award. After the ceremony, Spencer Tracy's Oscar was sent to be inscribed. Unfortunately, there was an error and his Oscar came back engraved to "Dick Tracy." Comedian Bob Burns was the host.