What Happened in Mar 1938

  • 10th Academy Awards

    The 10th Academy Awards were held on March 10, 1938 at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles, California. Originally scheduled to be held on March... Read more

  • Edward R. Murrow and William Shirer Report on Hitler's Anschluss

    Murrow gained his first glimpse of fame during the March 1938 Anschluss, in which Adolf Hitler engineered the annexation of Austria by Nazi... Read more

  • Battle of Taierzhuang

    The Battle of Tai'erzhuang (simplified Chinese: 台儿庄会战; traditional Chinese: 臺兒莊會戰; pinyin: Tái'érzhūang Huìzhàn) was a battle of the Second... Read more

  • Battle of Xuzhou

    The Battle of Xuzhou was fought between Japanese and Chinese forces in May 1938 during Second Sino-Japanese War. In contemporary accounts in... Read more