'The Unvanquished' Is Published

The Unvanquished is a novel by the American author William Faulkner, set in Yoknapatawpha County.

It tells the story of the Sartoris family, who first appeared in the novel Sartoris (or Flags in the Dust). The Unvanquished takes place before that story, and is set during the American Civil War. Principal characters are Bayard Sartoris, John Sartoris (Marse John, Father), Granny, Ringo (Morengo), Ab Snopes, Cousin Drusilla, Aunt Jenny, Louvinia, and the lieutenant (a Yankee soldier).

The Unvanquished is a bildungsroman about Bayard Sartoris, a white boy growing up in the South during the Civil War. The story is told from Bayard’s point of view, and details not only his life, but that of his companion Ringo, a young black boy Bayard’s age; Rosa Millard, Bayard’s grandmother or "Granny"; Drusilla, Bayard’s cousin; and John Sartoris, or "Marse" John, as Ringo calls him in dialect. Since the original publication of these stories was in serial form, they do not have a precise plot line, but they do present a general chronology of Bayard’s experiences as a young teenager during the Civil War. The story begins with Bayard as a na�ve boy who spends his days with Ringo, unaware of the harshness of the country at war.