Ronald Reagan Appears as Jack Miller in Swing Your Lady

Wrestler Joe Skopapolous, together with his manager, Ed, and his trainers, Popeye and Shiner, arrives in a small town in the Ozarks hoping to promote a wrestling match.

Things look hopeless because there is no local candidate for Joe's opponent until Ed meets the blacksmith, a woman named Sadie. Believing it would be a good gimmick for Joe to wrestle with Sadie, Ed offers her $100 to compete.

This musical comedy is based on a modestly successful Broadway play and stars Humphrey Bogart as wrestling promoter Ed Hatch. Ed is in Kentucky with his dopey, muscle-bound client Joe "The Wrestling Hercules" Skopapoulous (Nat Pendleton). The two are further accompanied by Ed's assistant Shiner (Allen Jenkins), his girlfriend Cookie (Penny Singleton) and Joe's trainer Popeye Bronson (Frank McHugh).