'The Road To Glory' Premieres In Theatres

Hard-drinking Captain La Roche (Warner Baxter) delivers the same hollow speech to each wave of fresh soldiers assigned to his command, only to see them senselessly slaughtered by the Germans.

La Roche's new officer is chipper Lieutenant Denet (Fredric March), who doesn't comprehend the futility of his assignment. Both men fall for beautiful nurse Monique La Coste (June Lang), who prefers Denet. La Roche's troops welcome "Private Moran" (Lionel Barrymore), the eldest private in the army and a grizzled veteran. In reality, Moran is La Roche's father. In a battle, La Roche is blinded. His father helps him direct artillery fire at the front, but both men are slain. Although he has won the girl and La Roche's command, Denet is forced to give the same pointless speech to his doomed recruits.

Fredric March - Lt. Michel Denet
Warner Baxter - Capt. Paul LaRoche
June Lang - Monique
Lionel Barrymore - Papa LaRoche
Gregory Ratoff - Bouffiou
Victor Kilian - Regnier
John Qualen - Duflous
Paul Stanton - Relief Captain
Julius Tannen - Lieutenant Tannen
Theodore Von Eltz - Major
Paul Fix - Rigaud