John Dillinger, gang arrested in Tucson, Arizona

A fire broke out at Hotel Congress in Tucson where the men were staying.

Forced to leave their luggage behind, they were rescued through a window and down a fire truck ladder. Charles Makley tipped a couple of firemen $12 to climb back up and retrieve the luggage, affording the firefighters a good look at several members of Dillinger's gang. The firemen later recognized Makley and another member while thumbing through a copy of True Detective and informed the police who promptly arrested five of the gang members including Dillinger. They found them in possession of over $25,000 in cash, three sub-machine guns, and five machine guns. Tucson celebrates the historic arrest with the annual "Dillinger Days" festival, the highlight of which is a reenactment.

The men were extradited to Indiana to stand trial, where they were held in the Crown Point jail. Dillinger was charged with the murder of a police officer in East Chicago. The police boasted to area newspapers that the jail was escape-proof and posted extra guards to make sure. Dillinger was able to secretly carve a wooden gun in his cell. Using it, he was able to trick a guard into opening his cell. He then took two men hostage, rounded up all the guards in the jail, locked them into his cell, and fled. Dillinger stole Sheriff Lillian Holley's new Ford car, embarrassing her and the town, and traveled to Chicago. In so doing, he crossed the state line in a stolen car, breaking the federal national Motor Vehicle Theft Act. The crime was under the jurisdiction of the FBI who immediately took over the Dillinger case after the car was found abandoned in Chicago and Dillinger was indicted by a local grand jury. The FBI organized a nationwide manhunt for Dillinger.