'Today We Live' Premieres in Theatres

Writing Credits:
William Faulkner - (story "Turn About")
Edith Fitzgerald - (screenplay)
Dwight Taylor - (screenplay)

William Faulkner - (dialogue)

Cast (in credits order)

Joan Crawford - Diana
Gary Cooper - Bogard
Robert Young - Claude
Franchot Tone - Ronnie
Roscoe Karns - McGinnis
Louise Closser Hale - Applegate
Rollo Lloyd - Major
Hilda Vaughn - Eleanor

In World War I, England, drama, Diana Boyce-Smith (Crawford), is an English girl caught in a love triangle between British Naval Officer, Claude, (Young) and an American fighter pilot, Bogard, (Cooper). Diana believes she is love with Claude, the friend of her brother, Ronnie, (Tone), but experiences true love when meeting Bogard. Claude is unaware of Diana's true feelings for Bogard, and when he is reported missing in action, Ronnie tells Diana that she is not being fair to Claude. Once Bogard comes back unharmed, a rivalry for Diana develops between he and Claude. Once the men each experience one another's branch of service, Claude is blinded in action, just as he realizes Diana and Bogard's true feelings for one another. Diana feels it's her duty to care for Claude, and when a suicide mission comes up, all three men participate, with the outcome being that both Claude and Ronnie die in action. Although, Diana is sad to lose both Ronnie and Claude, she and Bogard are reunited.