Japanese Forces Take Over Mishan

On December 24, 1932, the Japanese 10th Division attacked guerrilla forces to the north of Mudanjiang River.

January 5, 1933, General Kuan Chang-ching was forced to surrender his Volunteers at Suifehno on the Soviet frontier. On January 7, 1933, Japanese took over Mishan. On January 9, 1933, Li Du's guerrilla forces crossed Ussuri River into the USSR.
By the end of February 1933, most of the large Volunteer Armies had dispersed into small guerrilla bands or had fled to the Soviet Union.

The war which Japan waged against China, and which the Japanese leaders falsely described as the "China Incident" or the "China Affair", began on the night of 18 September 1931 and ended with the surrender of Japan in Tokyo Bay on 2 September 1945. The first phase of this war consisted of the invasion, occupation and consolidation by Japan of that part of China known as Manchuria, and of the Province of Jehol.