"The Mouthpiece" Is Released

The Mouthpiece is a 1932 crime drama film directed by James Flood and Elliott Nugent.

* Warren William as Vincent 'Vince' Day
* Sidney Fox as Celia Farraday
* Aline MacMahon as Miss Hickey, Day's secretary
* John Wray as Mr. Barton
* Mae Madison as Elaine
* Ralph Ince as J.B. Roscoe
* Morgan Wallace as E.A. Smith
* Guy Kibbee as Bartender

In this crime drama, an assistant DA must scramble to save the life of an innocent man he mistakenly sent to the chair. Unfortunately, he is too late and turns to alcoholism to soothe his throbbing conscience. It is only down from there and soon the attorney begins working for the mob until he falls in love. Some of the story was based on the life of William J. Fallon, a New York City attorney. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide