Gansu Earthquake of 1932

A strong earthquake measuring 7.6 Richter scale hit Changma fort (39.7°N, 97.0°E) in Gansu Province at 10:04:27 am on December 25, 1932.

The epicenter intensity was X and 70 thousand people lost their lives in the quake. When the earthquake jolted, wind blowing the dust connected with white light flying across the yellow soil wall; rocks shook down from the mountain. Jiayuguan Pass, the famous historic site of China, a corner of which was collapsed; snow peaks fell down in southern bank of Shulehe River; rocks and stones dropped in Thousand Buddha Caves...Aftershock lasted as long as a half year. This unusual strong earthquake brought various opinions among scientists all over the world. Changma, a place that cannot be found its trail in the map, has becoming the concern center of seismologist.

Approximately 70,000 people are killed after an earthquake reaching 7.6 magnitude hits the Gansu region in China.

Its frequent earthquakes, droughts and famines have tended to slow its economic progress, until recently when based on its abundant mineral resources it has begun developing into a vital industrial center. An earthquake in Gansu at 8.6 on the Richter scale killed around 180,000 people in 1920, and another with a magnitude of 7.6 killed 70,000 in 1932.