Habibullah Ghazi Overthrown as Emir of Afghanistan, Executed

After overthrowing Amanullah Khan, Habibullah Ghazi's first order was to change the newly allowed western attire back to traditional clothing and to remove all the flowers from the presidential grounds and plant vegetables instead.

By September 1929, Amanullah had stopped in Kandahar to regroup his followers and recalled his top General, Mohammad Nadir Khan, from Europe. General Nadir Khan's Army breezed through the west and southern Afghanistan. They had English weapons as well as money to pay volunteers to join the army. Furthermore, the British furnished Nadir Khan with a troop consisting of 1000 young people from tribal Wazīristan and southern parts of Afghanistan. The troop fast approached toward Kabul. The one man whom Ghazi feared was coming for him. By October 1929, Kabul was surrounded by the forces of Nadir Khan, and Ghazi escaped from Kabul towards his village in Kalakān as a fugitive.

It is said that in Jabulsaraj, Ghazi manipulated his next move. General Nadir Shah sent a message to Ghazi sealed in a Q'uran that read: "Come to the government. The government regards you and your friends, you receive general forgiveness from the Royal government of Afghanistan". The mediator between Ghazi's group and Nadir Shah was the Hazrati Shourbazari Kabul, a clergyman well-regarded by Afghanistan's citizens.

Ghazi again gathered his friends and displayed the Q'uran and Nadir Shah's letter to them and waited to hear their reply. Their answer was negative because they did not trust Nadir Shah, whom they considered to be treacherous.

When Ghazi came in front of Nadir Shah, he took the Royal position and pulled out the Royal seal from his pocket and said: "Oh God you are witness I kept and used this deposit honestly, while I was in power in Afghanistan. Now Nadir Shah is in my place. Oh God, you are witness, I return this deposit safe to him. I hope Nadir Khan is able to keep it safe and use it to the sake of the people of Afghanistan." Then Ghazi turned his face to Nadir Khan and said: "I do not fear for myself, but do not be cruel to my friends."

He was later taken to the execution ground. While he prepared for the execution, he knelt down and made his peace with God. Ghazi looked up toward sky and said "Oh God, I have nothing to ask from you, you have given me everything that, I have wanted, you made me King...". As he smiled the firing squad ended his life.