Edward R. Murrow Enrolls At Washington State College

In 1926, he enrolled at Washington State College, now Washington State University, in Pullman, Washington, eventually majoring in speech.

A member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Murrow was also active in college politics. In 1929, while attending the annual convention of the National Student Federation of America, he gave a speech urging college students to become more interested in national and world affairs; this led to his election as president of the federation. He then moved to New York after graduating in 1930.

Murrow's growing forensic skills made him a leading figure on campus. As his brothers had, he joined the popular and powerful Kappa Sigma fraternity. With fraternity backing he was elected student body president. He eventually became head of the Pacific Student Presidents Association. He rose to command of the campus ROTC unit and was a second lieutenant in the inactive reserve when he graduated. Murrow also found time to take leading roles in campus theater productions and even to play on the basketball team.

During his senior year, Murrow attended the Fifth Annual Congress of the National Student Federation of America (NSFA). His speech, chastising fellow students for too much attention to "fraternities, football and fun" (Sperber, 29), impressed the delegates sufficiently that they named Murrow president of the organization for the coming year. He accepted with some reluctance since the position was unpaid.