Ronald Reagan Enters Dixon's Northside High School

From 1945 until he entered the political arena in 1965 Ronald Reagan continued his movie career.

He had actually had some political experience both at Northside High School, Dixon, IL and Eureka College, Peoria, IL where he served both schools as President of the Student Body. Then during his Hollywood career, he was elected to 7 terms as President of the Screen Actors Guild.

Despite his parent's encouragement to do well in school, Dutch focused more on sports than he did on anything else at Dixon's North Side High School. He particularly loved football and was respected for his spirit and work ethic even though he wasn't the greatest player. He also enjoyed acting and took the lead in several church and school plays. It was through acting that the people of Dixon realized he wasn't the quiet, introverted boy many people thought he was. Ronald became one of the most popular and well-liked boys in his school, and by his senior year he had been elected president of the student body.