"A Woman of Paris" (film) is Released

A Woman of Paris is a feature-length silent film that debuted in 1923. The film, an atypical drama film for its creator, was written, directed, produced and later scored by Charlie Chaplin. It is also known as A Woman of Paris: A Drama of Fate.

Several things set this film apart from Chaplin's other work. The first, most obvious, is that he does not appear in the film, at least not in his traditional role of the tramp. He has a brief cameo as a porter in a train station. This role was supposed to be inconspicuous and he is not even listed in the credits for it (though he precedes the film with a title card which explains that he does not appear). Most people seeing the film will not realize that it is actually Chaplin; this was intended. The other major difference between this and most of Chaplin's other work is that the film is supposed to be a serious drama. There is no slapstick comedy.