Wright Marries Miriam Noel

Immediately after the tragic death of Mamah Cheney on August 15, 1914, Miriam Noel sent condolences to Wright.

Within weeks Wright became involved with Miriam and she moved into Taliesin. On November 7, 1915 she was quoted in the Chicago Daily Tribune "...Frank Wright and I care nothing for what the world may think. We are as capable of making laws for ourselves as were the dead men who made the laws by which they hoped to rule the generations after them." Although Wright had not yet received a divorce from Kitty, they live together and travel to Tokyo, Japan in 1916. In 1922, Wright's first wife, Kitty, granted him a divorce. He was required to wait one year and on November 19, 1923, Miriam and Frank were married in Spring Green, Wisconsin. Their relationship was quite tumultuous. Wright explains in his Autobiography that he married her to rescue their relationship. They quarreled a great deal, she was addicted to morphine, and in less than a year they were separated.

In August 1914, one of his male servants set fire in the house and murdered Mamah and her two children, as well as several other servants. Wright, was on a business trip and survived the disaster, was devastated and buried himself in work. At that time he was approached by a self-proclaimed sculptor, named Miriam Noel, who offered her condolences and claimed that she could understand him. Soon Wright asked her to move into Taliesin with him, although he was still married to his first wife, Catherine. From 1916 - 1922 Wright worked in Tokyo, Japan where he completed Tokyo's Imperial Hotel, which survived the earthquake of 1923 and found praise after the majority of Tolyo was left in rubble. In 1922 his first wife gave him a divorce that he had been waiting for since 1909. In 1923 he married Miriam Noel, but they separated in less that a year because of her drug addiction, albeit she did not give him a divorce until their legal battle ended in 1927.